Percona Live 2017: MySQL Makes Toast

MySQL Makes Toast

MySQL Makes ToastEvery day at Percona Live 2017 brings something new and unusual – and on this particular day, we found out that MySQL makes toast.

A lot of people think that with MySQL and open source software, you can do anything. While many might view this metaphorically, Percona’s Alexander Rubin (Principal Consultant) takes this statement very seriously. He demonstrated on Tuesday at Percona Live that not only is possible to accomplish just about anything with MySQL, but MySQL makes toast!

Originally, Alexander took on this project to provide an open source fix for MySQL Bug#2 (MySQL Doesn’t Make Toast). After some effort, and some ingenuity, he provided a patch for the infamous bug.

(You can find out all the details in his blog post here.)

Read up on how this was accomplished, and check out the pics below of Alexander demonstrating his ingenious method of grilling breakfast bread!


MySQL Makes Toast

Alex Prepares to Amaze the Crowd with an Open Source Breakfast

MySQL Makes Toast

The Crowd Gathers for a Tasty MySQL-Born Treat

MySQL Makes Toast

Open Source Breakfast is Tiring, Time for a Rest

Don’t miss any of the fun tomorrow! You can find Thursday’s (4/27) session schedule here.

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