Three-year old startup Vera scores huge deal to protect all of GE’s IP

 When Box landed GE as a customer in 2014, it marked a turning point for the cloud content management company, giving them momentum ahead of their IPO. Three years later, Vera, a data rights management startup is getting a similar feeling, announcing GE’s 300,000 employees would be using Vera to protect the company’s intellectual property as it moved through the world. “This… Read More


Vera Lands $17 Million Series B Led By Sutter Hill Ventures

Business man holding tablets with locks over it to show internet security. Vera, the cloud service that wants to protect data regardless of where it’s stored or used, announced a $17 million Series B today led by Sutter Hill Ventures. That may not seem unusual, but companies are at least anecdotally finding those B and C rounds increasingly difficult to come by, especially from traditional venture capitalist like Sutter Hill. Vera did not seem to have a… Read More


Vera Joins Forces With Dropbox And Okta On Secure File Sharing

File sharing concept picture. Vera, a secure file transfer company announced an agreement today with Dropbox and Okta to offer customers a way to transfer files in a secure fashion from end to end. While Dropbox, Vera and Okta may sound like the beginning of Silicon Valley joke about three startups walking into a bar, the partnership is a serious attempt to attract companies who may be concerned… Read More

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