Zend Delivers PHP Development Platform In AWS Marketplace

Close up artsy shot of php scripting book Zend, the commercial company behind the popular scripting language PHP, announced today, it was launching a PHP development service in the AWS marketplace, effectively making it a Platform as a Service inside the Amazon infrastructure cloud.
While PHP is an open source project, Zend was launched in 1999 by some early developers to create a commercial arm. Just last month, the company… Read More


The best symfony IDE for Mac: Probably still Zend Studio

So in a recent symfony-zone article about “the best Symfony IDE: PHPEdit“, the author recommended using PHPEdit.   Problem is PHPEdit doesn’t have a Mac OS X version according to their requirements page as of this date.

So for now using Zend Studio or BBEdit is probably your best bet.  Haven’t tried Netbeans, but at least one developer I know still uses it.  Of course you could just use vi if all else fails.

One last thing, Zend Studio probably won’t ever have any first party support for symfony being that Zend Studio’s parent company has their own framework; so I would’t hold my breath for that.


dojoX.Gallery Flickr Example

Was looking at the DojoX components and noticed they had a Gallery. Interesting, so I go and make this sample here using Flickr services and its works out pretty well.

Now, if only I can figure out how to move the ThumbnailPicker to the bottom and turn off the slideshow…gotta love the documentation (may have to just look at the source). The Gallery component is just a wrapper anyway around ThumbnailPicker and the Slidershow DojoX components…

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Zend_Acl – Resource / Role / Privilege Viewer?

Today at work I made a Zend_Acl – Resource / Role / Privilege Viewer that I wish I could share, but can’t.  Pretty straight forward, globs the resources by their file names and instantiates all the roles on another glob.  Overrode the allow/deny in Zend_Acl to save the privileges and then use that to display a table of all the isAllowed calls for a specific resource for all the roles for their privileges.

Was looking around to see if there are any open-sourced projects and didn’t find any.

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