Alteryx Promote puts data science to work across the company

 When Alteryx acquired Yhat in June, it was only a matter of time before the startup’s data-science management software began showing up in Alteryx. Just today, the company announced Alteryx Promote, a new tool based on Yhat’s product set.
The company made the announcement at the Alteryx Inspire Europe customer event taking place in London this week.
Alteryx Promote gives data… Read More


YC Grad Yhat Scores $1.5M In Second Seed Round

zeros and ones on a blue background. When Yhat, the company that has developed solutions to help organize data scientist teams, graduated from the Y Combinator, winter 2015 class, the founders had a goal to raise a million dollars to keep growing the company when they returned to New York. They may have aimed too low.  The team actually was able to raise $1.5 million in their oversubscribed round, thanks to the interest in… Read More


YC-Backed Yhat Gives Data Science Teams A Head Start

Head with gears over data background. Yhat founders Greg Lamp and Austin Ogilvie were working with a team of data scientists at OnDeck, a successful small business loan startup, when they noticed a problem.
The data science team was coming up with cool ideas, but the engineers couldn’t implement these applications, as fast as they could produce them, simply because they lacked the tools to do it. That’s when they… Read More

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