Just got Flex Builder 3

So I was curious about Flex, an Adobe Product to make Rich Internet Interfaces on a website or on the desktop using Adobe AIR. Installed Flex Builder 3 and am exploring it.

Reminds me a lot of Visual Basic when I first used an IDE, but on the web.  Alot of reusable components will make this useful.

EDIT1: So I made my first Flex App.  This is a really simple ZipCode app using Flex Builder 3 that’ll take a ZipCode and spit out the information from a web service.

EDIT2: Ok so I did a search on the web and found someone else doing a Flickr Tileset using Flex Builder 2.  I take his source and update it to Flex Builder 3 (not as easy as Adobe said it would be), and this is the result: a very simple Flickr Tileset using Flex Builder 3.

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