Percona Live Europe 2015! Call for speakers; registration open

Percona Live Europe 2015! Call for speakers; registration now openPercona Live is moving from London to Amsterdam this year and the event is also expanding to three full days. Percona Live Europe 2015, September 21-23, will be at the Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre. The call for speakers and Super Saver registration are now open. Hurry though because the deadline for submitting a speaking proposal is June 21st and Super Saver registration ends July 5th!

This year’s conference will feature one day of tutorials and two days of keynote talks and breakout sessions related to MySQL, NoSQL and Data in the Cloud. You’ll get briefed on the hottest topics, learn about operating a high-performing deployment and hear from top-industry leaders describe the future of the ecosystem – encompassing MySQL, MariaDB, Percona Server, MongoDB (and more). Attendees include DBAs, sysadmins, developers, architects, CTOs, CEOs, and vendors from around the world.

Have something to say? Why not lead a breakout session or a tutorial?

Breakout sessions are 50 minutes including a Q&A. Tutorial sessions focus on an immediate and practical application of in-depth MySQL and NoSQL knowledge. Tutorial speakers should assume that attendees will have laptops to work through detailed and potentially hands-on presentations. Tutorials are typically three hours long including a Q&A, however, if you have content for a full day, submissions for 6-hour-long tutorials are also being accepted. If your tutorial or breakout session is approved, you’ll receive a complimentary full-conference pass.

Huge thanks to our Conference Committee!

There would be no Percona Live without the hard work of our conference committees. Meet this year’s Percona Live Europe 2015 Conference Committee – a dedicated group of experts in MySQL, NoSQL and Data in the Cloud:

  • Erik Beebe – Founder and CTO, ObjectRocket
  • Luis Motta Campos – Database Administrator, ebay Classifieds Group
  • Colin Charles – Chief Evangelist, MariaDB
  • César Trigo Esteban – Development Director, Gigigo
  • Kenny Gorman – Chief Technologist; Data. Office of the CTO, Rackspace
  • Amrith Kumar – Founder and CTO, Tesora
  • Giuseppe Maxia – Quality Assurance Architect, VMWare
  • Shlomi Noach – Senior Systems Engineer, Booking.com
  • Konstantin Osipov – Engineering Manager, Mail.Ru
  • Morgan Tocker – MySQL Community Manager, Oracle
  • Art van Scheppingen – Head of Database Engineering, Spil Games
  • Charity Majors- Production Engineering Manager, Facebook
  • Peter Zaitsev – Co-founder and CEO, Percona


Sponsorship opportunities for Percona Live Europe 2015 are now available. Sponsors become part of a dynamic and fast-growing ecosystem and interact with hundreds of DBAs, sysadmins, developers, CTOs, CEOs, business managers, technology evangelists, solution vendors, and entrepreneurs who typically attend the event. This year’s conference will feature expanded accommodations and turnkey kiosks.

Planning to attend?

Super Saver registration discounts for Percona Live Europe 2015 are available through July 5th (at 11:30 p.m. CEST). Visit the Percona Live Europe 2015 website for more information about the conference. Interested community members can also register to receive email updates about Percona Live Europe 2015.

Percona has also negotiated a special hotel rate at the Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre. If you book your hotel before July 6th your delicious breakfast is included.

I hope to see you in Amsterdam!

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Getting mutex information from MySQL’s performance_schema

We have been using SHOW ENGINE INNODB MUTEX command for years. It shows us mutex and rw-lock information that could be useful during service troubleshooting in case of performance problems. As Morgan Tocker announced in his blog post the command will be removed from MySQL 5.7 and we have to use performance_schema to get that info.

The documentation of MySQL also says that most of the command output has been removed from 5.6 and that we can find similar info in performance_schema. It doesn’t show any examples of how to use performance_schema or what is the query we need to use from now on. It is also important to mention that 5.6 doesn’t show any warning about the feature being deprecated.

This is a short blog post to show how to configure performance_schema and get the info we need. Hoping it will end up in the official documentation in some way.

The instruments we need are not enabled by default. Those are in wait/synch/mutex/% so the config line we need to use is:


Then, just compare the results from an idle Percona Server 5.6. First the output of SHOW ENGINE…

mysql> show engine innodb mutex;
| Type   | Name                         | Status     |
| InnoDB | &buf_pool->flush_state_mutex | os_waits=1 |
| InnoDB | &log_sys->checkpoint_lock    | os_waits=2 |

Now the results from the query that get us the mutex information from performance_schema:

mysql> SELECT EVENT_NAME, SUM_TIMER_WAIT/1000000000 WAIT_MS, COUNT_STAR FROM performance_schema.events_waits_summary_global_by_event_name
AND EVENT_NAME LIKE 'wait/synch/mutex/innodb/%'
| EVENT_NAME                                         | WAIT_MS | COUNT_STAR |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/log_sys_mutex              | 11.1054 |      28279 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/buf_pool_flush_state_mutex |  9.7611 |      94095 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/os_mutex                   |  5.3339 |      58515 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/dict_sys_mutex             |  2.4108 |       4033 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/flush_list_mutex           |  2.3688 |       8036 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/lock_wait_mutex            |  2.2412 |       4016 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/buf_pool_LRU_list_mutex    |  2.1912 |       4182 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/fil_system_mutex           |  0.9789 |       5060 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/mutex_list_mutex           |  0.1723 |       8523 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/rw_lock_list_mutex         |  0.1706 |       8245 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/srv_innodb_monitor_mutex   |  0.0102 |         65 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/recv_sys_mutex             |  0.0050 |        146 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/buf_pool_free_list_mutex   |  0.0048 |        165 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/trx_mutex                  |  0.0020 |        105 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/srv_sys_mutex              |  0.0012 |         11 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/trx_sys_mutex              |  0.0010 |         29 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/lock_mutex                 |  0.0008 |         26 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/innobase_share_mutex       |  0.0004 |          5 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/buf_dblwr_mutex            |  0.0003 |          4 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/file_format_max_mutex      |  0.0003 |          6 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/rseg_mutex                 |  0.0002 |          7 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/recv_writer_mutex          |  0.0001 |          1 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/ut_list_mutex              |  0.0001 |          1 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/ibuf_mutex                 |  0.0001 |          2 |
| wait/synch/mutex/innodb/log_flush_order_mutex      |  0.0000 |          1 |

The difference is clear. We get much more information from Performance Schema. In my personal opinion, despite the extra resources needed by Performance Schema, the change is for the better.

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Percona Live MySQL Conference Call for Proposals closes Nov. 16

Percona Live MySQL Conference and ExpoThe Percona Live MySQL Conference in Silicon Valley (April 13-16, 2015) features a full day of tutorial sessions and three full days with keynote talks and breakout sessions from leading MySQL experts from around the world. Birds of a Feather sessions, two networking receptions, and a community dinner all offer great opportunities to network with the MySQL community. To make the Percona Live MySQL Conference 2015 even better than the great 2014 event, we need outstanding content from community members.

Submit your speaking proposals now for tutorials or breakout session on the Percona Live conference website. Accepted speakers receive a full conference pass and the sincere gratitude of attendees who will eagerly await your presentations. The Percona Live MySQL Conference call for proposals closes November 16.

We are currently seeking proposals for both breakout and tutorial sessions on the following topics:

  • High Availability
  • DevOps
  • Programming
  • Performance Optimization
  • Replication & Backup
  • MySQL in the Cloud
  • MySQL and NoSQL
  • MySQL Case Studies
  • Security
  • What’s New in MySQL

All submissions will be reviewed by the outstanding Conference Committee of community members:

  • Shlomi Noach from Outbrain
  • Tamar Bercovici from Box
  • Colin Charles from MariaDB
  • Sean Chighizola from Big Fish Games
  • Jeremy Cole from Google
  • Harrison Fisk from Facebook
  • Patrick Galbraith from HP
  • Jay Janssen from Percona
  • Chris Schneider from Ning.com
  • John Scott from Wellcentive
  • Gwen Shapira from Cloudera
  • Shivinder Singh from Verizon
  • Calvin Sun from Twitter
  • Morgan Tocker from Oracle
  • Peter Zaitsev from Percona

Submit your proposals now by visiting the Percona Live MySQL Conference 2015 website. The submission deadline is November 16.

If you plan to attend the conference but won’t be submitting, register now to get the lowest available rate. Visit the Percona Live MySQL Conference 2015 website for full details.

Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo

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Video: The InnoDB Storage Engine for MySQL

(This is a cross post from percona.tv – the home of percona material in video form.)

Last month I gave a presentation at the PHP UK Conference on the InnoDB storage engine.  I was a last minute speaker, and I want to thank them for the time-slot and their hospitality at short notice.

The video has been posted online:

The InnoDB Storage Engine for MySQL – Morgan Tocker from PHP UK Conference on Vimeo.

It relates to InnoDB built-in and InnoDB plugin.  I left out Percona Server and XtraDB for simplicity.

If you want to learn more about this topic, I suggest taking a look at our full day course on InnoDB/XtraDB, the talk “Introduction to the InnoDB Storage Engine for MySQL” (Morgan Tocker) at Collaborate, “Innodb and XtraDB Architecture and Performance Optimization” (Peter Zaitsev) at the MySQL conference.

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